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The BLÜCHER Shower line of gratings is completely compatible with our standard drains that have been effectively servicing bathrooms for the past 45 years. Most of the standard BLÜCHER drains allow adjustments in height, tilt and rotation for a perfect fit in the flooring.

Floor drain installations should always be carried out by an authorized plumber in accordance with local codes and regulations.


BLÜCHER Shower represents a wide range of design grates for the visible drainage in bathrooms ranging from elegant shower channels to trendy triangle drains and classical square drains. BLÜCHER floor drains are used in Scandinavian-style wet-bathrooms, toilets, washrooms and basements the world over.


The efficient functioning of any multi-story commercial building relies on the performance of its drainage and plumbing systems. Stainless steel's inherent capabilities make it the ideal material for such functions. BLÜCHER Shower provides proven drainage solutions coupled with the most up to date grating designs.


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Contains information on the BL√úCHER Shower offering.

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